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Daniel Schmid

TSK FlohmäritSecond hand market

Largest second-hand diving articles exchange in Switzerland

Daniel Schmid
Daniel Schmid
PADI Course Director
TSK Flohmi Menschenmenge draussen

Switzerland's largest second-hand diving article exchange on Saturday, 19 June 2021 in Bern from 9 - 15 o'clock. 

The event will take place (safety concept in place, the outdoor sales area will be enlarged so that minimum distances can be maintained).

Please hand in the items you want us to sell for you in our shop in Bern between 14 June and 18 June 2021. Registration and disposal fee of CHF 5.00 cash (per 10 articles) to be paid at the delivery of the equipment. 

We reserve the right not to accept diving material that is no longer usable. 

The best way to celebrate your purchases at the Flomärit is with a tasty bratwurst and a freshly tapped beer. 
It is free with your purchase. 

TSK grösste Tauchartikel Occasionbörse der Schweiz

Please note the parking situation. It is not allowed to park on the street. Parking is available for a fee about 300 meters away, at the Weissenstein sports halls. At the Flohmärit only cash is accepted.

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