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Interview with Deniz KayadelenIce swimming

Swimming in ice water, why?

Ice swimming? Is it possible and why would you do that?

Julia, expert swimming at TSK Zurich wanted to know and has invited Deniz Kayadelen, hopping into the lake for a spin with our TSK Swimming group.

Because Deniz has not only written a bestseller (Out Of Comfort Zone - Cutting Edge Business Lessons Based On Sports Psychology From The Experience Of An Extreme Swimmer), but also competed in the World Ice Swimming Championships in Poland in early 2022 and was crowned multiple world champion.

Although our illustrious TSK group swims bravely all year round in wind, weather and any water temperature in the lake, we put on a 5mm wetsuit in winter and protect ourselves with a hood, socks and gloves. All the more unreal was the moment when Deniz changed next to us and waded into the icy water (about 5.5°C that day) wearing only a swimsuit and without making a face. 

Julia wanted to know a little bit more about it and asked Deniz questions about "Why? How? Why?

The conclusion of Julia, TSK Swimming Expert?

"Exciting and fascinating at the same time was the conversation with Deniz Kayadelen, the three-time world champion in ice swimming. And always inspiring are the great joint swimming sessions with her in Lake Zurich.

My own rule of thumb of only staying in the water for as many minutes as the water temperature indicates began to waver.

Deniz describes how she manages to leave her comfort zone through mental training as well as an adapted breathing technique and to master her distance in icy water. WOW!

The time with Deniz definitely motivates and confirms me to continue this hobby and to enjoy swimming in our Swiss lakes all year round, with or without neoprene. The unexpected joy of the cold water is always unique to me, and especially in a group, the whole thing is suddenly not so cold anymore.

Maybe we will try to do without the neoprene gloves at our next weekly Open Water Swimming. Who knows..... :)))"


Instagram: @tsk_water // @swimmerpsychologist