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Tschiggi-Weekend TSK Bern

Last weekend, the Tschiggis from TSK Bern were all about wreck diving! They aimed to explore the Bruno wreck at Lake Lucerne as well as the Ledi wrecks at Lake Walen. So, 7 ladies set off together, diving for the first time at the Riedsort dive site at Lake Lucerne, exploring the beautiful steep wall. Whether it's a dolphin or a shark that marks the exit is up for debate. Dolphin is our mascot for this weekend anyway, especially in the fanny pack.

At the Bruno wreck in Eichwald, we dive for a second time on Saturday, and oh dear, visibility is zero below 10m (or let's say: "It wants to go to the market" as close as we are to our buddy). Unfortunately, Bruno is only discovered and almost felt by one buddy team. A little shopping trip while filling the tanks was also essential. Thanks to Tauchtreff-Zug for the spontaneous store opening during the filling. The deco beer, as well as the charging wine (charging an electric car needs practice, and if it takes longer, there's an apéro at the rest stop), bring us hungry to our hotel in Walenstadt with a beautiful view of Lake Walen. We enjoy the first game meat of the season with great conversations. In the Boomerang Bar, we show the "Berner Töggeli Champions League" to Heidiland and are bright and early the next morning for a dive at the Ledi wrecks. We could have just as well dived into a bowl of milk – so we spontaneously and for safety reasons decide to dive the Ledi wrecks another time with better visibility.

Based on recommendations, we head to Lake Zug to the Baumgärtli dive site. We're lucky, and the first big rush of divers is already out of the water. We also see our colleagues from Sunday diving from TSK Zurich. Here, the visibility looks much more inviting, and the sun is shining too. We enjoy a great dive, with an exciting and impressive steep wall, with lots of pikes, big bream, and beautiful growth. A great way to conclude a fun, relaxing, enjoyable, and rejuvenating weekend with great company, support, and wonderful memories. Thanks to everyone for being there!