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So wars!#Sommerfest

Rückblick: TSK Sommerfest und Materialtestag 2023

On June 18, 2023, our highly anticipated Material Testing Day took place simultaneously with the Summer Party at Jump-in in Mettmenstetten. Visitors had the opportunity to test various diving equipment directly in the water, experiencing the characteristics and performance of different materials firsthand. Everyone could experience the products up close and be convinced of their benefits.

The event also provided the opportunity to receive expert advice from numerous partner companies. Axel from Mares was present, introducing the brand new Mares Sirius dive computers as well as Grace and Guardian Jackets. Wendy from Splashlight was there as well, showcasing the latest Tusa masks and demonstrating the entire range of Waterproof drysuits and wetsuits, allowing customers to try them out in the water. Carlo from Promosystem was another representative present, presenting drysuits, SharkSkin, and Atomic regulators. For technical insights, David from Suunto presented the entire range of Suunto dive computers. Finally, Malte from Dive&Travel was also there to provide customers with coveted holiday tips. Additionally, the TSK Zurich team was on-site, offering their extensive experience and expertise. With this wealth of knowledge available, all needs and requirements could be addressed, and visitors were recommended the appropriate equipment and materials. This created an inspiring atmosphere where questions were answered and solutions were found.

During the exciting pool tests and consultations, there was also a well-deserved catering option available. Our diligent grill master, Sandro, provided nourishment for all visitors before heading out for another test dive. The food also provided an excellent opportunity for participants to mingle with each other and representatives from partner companies. New contacts were made, existing relationships were deepened, and passionate stories were shared.

However, the highlight of the day was undoubtedly the raffle, where numerous prizes, ranging from travel vouchers to brand new Tusa masks and a Mares regulator, were given away. The excitement and anticipation were palpable during the draw.

The Material Testing Day was further crowned by the opportunity to use the slides at Jump-in. Many participants seized the chance, donning helmets and neoprene wetsuits as they climbed the stairs before catapulting themselves into the water. A big thank you to the Jump-in team!

It was a day of trying out, diving, chatting, ordering equipment, and enjoying - the event was a huge success for both visitors and organizers, as well as partner organizations, and we're already looking forward to the next time!

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