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More security through visibilitySafety first!

Being seen thanks to bright colors

[Translate to English:] Schwimmerin mit Sicherheitsboje

There are several ways to increase your own safety when swimming in open water. For example with the ingenious Restube, a self-inflating life buoy. Or the classic way with Safety Buoys.

Our HEAD Swimming Safety Buoys offer the visibility that is so important in open water swimming. Both for you and for your fellow people, for example in boats. For them it is often very difficult to recognize a swimmer. With a striking swim cap and the brightly coloured Safety Buoy, you will stand out and be seen better from a distance.

In addition to the inflatable air chamber, the Safety Buoy also has a small waterproof bag. (Electronic devices should still be packed additionally waterproof).

The easy handling guarantees a quick getting into the water and start swimming. It is fastened around the waist with a hip belt and adjusted so that it ideally floats with you on the water surface between your bottom and the back of your knees. This way it does not interfere with your swimming.

Available in the bright colours orange and pink.

The Restube is folded smaller than a sunglasses case and weighs only 210gr. The Restube is equipped with a CO2 cartridge. It is worn around the hips and is not noticed at all when swimming. In an emergency, you pull a trigger and within fractions of a second the Restube is inflated and becomes a lifesaver.

Both are available in our shop.


TSK Sicherheit Farben auf Tauchanzug
TSK Sicherheit Farben, Person trägt farbigen Tauchanzug von der Marke Head
TSK Tauchausrüstung Restube Swim Honeyicemint erhältlich im Tauchshop
Frau trägt farbigen, sichtbaren Tauchanzug von der Marke Head vom Tauchshop TSK
TSK Sicherheit Farben Frau trägt farbigen Tauchanzug
TSK Tauchausrüstung in Orange von der Marke Head im Tauchshop TSK