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Annick den Harder

PADI Womenby TSK Zürich

15.07.2023 - PADI Womens Dive Day 2023

Annick den Harder
Annick den Harder
PADI IDC Staff Instructor

PADI Womens Dive Day 2023 - by TSK Zürich

By TSK Zurich

**Our TSK Tschiggis Inspire the Young Generation of Divers**

On July 15, 2023, it was time. Once again this year, TSK Zurich sponsored a huge try dive at our favorite outdoor pool, Bio-und Gartenbad im Moos, for the PADI juniors through the ProJuventute holiday program, as part of the PADI Women's Dive Day.

The event has become somewhat of an annual tradition: for the third year in a row, our TSK Tschiggis from TSK Zurich aimed to educate and inspire the next generation of underwater explorers.

The popular swimming pool nearby became a lively center full of Scuba Ladies and Dive Juniors on this day. About 30 young participants were captivated by our stories and briefings on diving, and they got to take their first breaths underwater.

The atmosphere was filled with curiosity and wonder. Before heading into the water, the children received an informative briefing on the basics of diving. They learned how to use the equipment, including mask, fins, and buoyancy control device. Our patient PADI divers demonstrated how to breathe through a regulator and explained the importance of equalizing pressure while descending.

As the children slipped into the dive gear, their excitement was palpable. The TSK Tschiggis beamed with pride as they watched the young divers take their first cautious breaths underwater. The try divers were supported by dedicated PADI instructors and divemasters who kept a close eye on everything and ensured safety and comfort.

Under our guidance, the young divers soon explored the underwater world of the pool, played underwater frisbee, and somersaulted.

On this day, we not only celebrated all the strong women in the diving industry with the PADI Women's Dive Day but also had the opportunity to share our passion with the next generation. The first step towards new diving enthusiasts and underwater protectors has been taken.

Let's see what ideas we come up with for the next TSCHIGGI DIVING event... :)

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