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#AugenblickeTravel Poem

Journey to Truk Lagoon and the Philippines with TSK

Truk Part 1:

With TSK to Truk Lagoon, what is there to do?

It's a place at the end of the world, That's exactly what we like.

You can dive wrecks there, It's the best place for it.

The journey takes a while, But we're not in a hurry.

Arriving in Truk City, A long breath is taken.

Then on the ship, because now it's starting, The anticipation is huge.

The weather that should be good here, At first didn't want to be.

That doesn't spoil our fun: In the water it's always wet.

The company here is funny, They also like to drink a beer.

But the rules on board are strict: "Drink or dive", that's what they say.

Otherwise, caution is highly valued, No aggressive diving profile!

They just want to make sure here, That no problems arise.

The dive sites here are amazing, So it never gets boring on the boat.

Deep into the engine rooms and high up on the coral trees.

Through narrow paths to the goal, That will never be too much for us!

If you don't come at the right time, You surface with a buoy and swim far.

But if you're lucky, the crew comes, The others just watch you.

And in the evening we go to bed early, At the table the eyes close.

Because tomorrow morning, you'll see, You have to get up at zero 600.

Michu wants to use the time well, At exactly 9 PM, he brushes his teeth.

Another nightcap, who would have thought, After that it's just: good night!

So it goes on day after day, For everyone what he likes.

Rio, Nippo, Sankisan, Kensho, Fuji and Heian.

These are a few, there are more, Sunk in war, swallowed by the sea.

Finally it's time, the last splash, The deep flash is over.

At the end the farewell aperitif, We'll come back, anyway!

Part 2: Philippines

We say goodbye to Truk, But nothing is going home!

Part two of the journey begins now, The Philippines are up.

Also here a diver's paradise, Just different, but what does this mean?

Digging in the sand is worth it here, And also patience, I'll tell you.

Some think not just for fun, It looks like Boudry Beach here.

But what does the seabed show us? Snails, crabs in all colors.

The frogfish comes by here, And delights us in passing.

Coral stands, feather star, The seahorse also likes to show itself.

And besides diving there's also here, The happy hour half past four.

There's already an extra glass flowing, But this doesn't bother us too much.

And if someone accidentally rings, The bell, then it's happened.

He pays for a drink right away, For everyone in the bar area.

Some who are not yet tied up, Have even found a partner here. And finally, on the yacht, The party atmosphere is set.

Now we're going home, to the cold land, The sun, sea, and beach are over.

But don't worry, remember, The next trip is already planned!


Poem: Verena Hofmann