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Marmorerasee Tauchen

TSK Tschiggis conquer Graubunden#tschiggidiving

Diving mountain lakes at the onset of winter

"I am an octopus" - Annick den Harder, restaurant visit in octopus dress

From the diary of a power woman - Chantal reports:

Finally it was here: The long awaited Tschiggi Weekend! A whole weekend with 20 like-minded, diving enthusiastic power women, diving in beautiful, crystal blue mountain lakes, at least one of which is on the bucket list of almost every Swiss diver - the well-known Marmorera Lake - hell yeah! This could only be good! So the plan for the weekend was set, our cars were packed with diving equipment, mascots of all kinds and of course snacks - we were ready! At least we thought so.

Marmorera Taucherin Mares Flossen

Early Friday afternoon abruptly the news arrived: snow chains are obligated for our trip! Only a very few of us were sufficiently equipped, after all it was only the end of September! But our scubagirls didn't let even a little snow (or rather MUCH, as it turned out later) get them down. Arriving in the small, idyllic mountain village of Bivio, the snow chains, which had been organized at short notice, were skilfully mounted on summer tires in teamwork. Yes we can! ...Only to take them off again the next day, because the white didn't stay on the roads after all. ... Full on Girls :D.

But first we enjoyed the evening reminiscing about our underwater experiences, challenging each other to card games and enjoyed the culinary delights. The kitchen probably thought that some of us looked brave enough for spicy foods, so that in the end even a few glasses of milk here and there were necessary to calm our taste buds *hihi*. The Tschiggis were thus heated up for the next day.

TSK Tschiggi Anfahrt Bivio Tauchreise im Engadin
Tschiggi Weekend After Dive
Oktopus auf Taucherin
TSK Frauen mit Oktopus Hut

Then it was finally here! Saturday - diving day! After an awesome breakfast we went to Lake Silser, slipped into our dry suits and dove without hesitation right into the cold water. Fundives as well as certification dives were scheduled. Dry Suit courses as well as Altitude Specialties were part of the program. Between our dives we made the first acquaintance with our dancing octopus, clearly the highlight of the surface interval, but also at the later All-you-Can-Eat pizza dinner the octopus costume was not missing. Yes, food again - good food, not a single piece was left over. We obviously do like those figure hugging octo-dresses :-P

On Sunday, the jewel of the trip was awaiting us - Lake Marmorera. The anticipation was huge, especially since we weren't even sure until the day before whether we would be able to drive to the lake at all due to the masses of snow that were piled up on the roadside.

Same procedure as the day before: drive to the lake, get into our suits dancing, let ourselves drift in the water, go underground. A procedure we could easily get used to.

The dives in the crystal blue lake, with visibility you can only dream of and a current that was just strong enough for us to play with... The perfect end to a fully successful weekend.

Tschiggis, I'm looking forward to seeing you on our season opening dive day on January 24, 2021, because: what cold water? ;-)

- Chantal F. - passionate diver and TSK Tschiggi 

Marmorerasee Tauchen
TSK Tauchreise in Engadin Silsersee bei Winterstimmung
TSK Tauchreise Tschiggi im Engadin Leiterinnen im Schnee
Taucherin mit Paragon Silsersee
TSK Tschiggi WE Steine Unterwasser auf Tauchreise im Engadin
TSK Tschiggi Tauchreise im Engadin Taucherinnen im Wasser