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Happy PADI Women’s Dive Day 2021PADI Women

TSK Tschiggis in Action

TSK Scubagirls Zurich inspire the next generation of divers

On Saturday 17.07.2021 the international PADI Women's Dive Day took place. Celebrated by PADI divers worldwide, this day is about giving back to the community and environment and highlighting the full load of lady power in scuba diving.

And since the TSK motto for summer 2021 is "Doing Good while Diving Together" we wouldn’t want to miss this chance!

Our TSK Tschiggis Zurich therefore decided to share their passion with the young and sponsor try dives for boys and girls from 8-16 years in our partner swimming pool Im Moos in Schlieren. To do this we teamed up with Projuventute Zurich and sponsored a big TSK Scuba Day for the Projuventute Ferienplausch 2021.

The news spread like wildfire and soon we had 40 registrations from kids of all age groups.

10 Tschiggi volunteers, a diverse group of PADI Instructors, PADI Divemasters, PADI Divemaster Trainees and volunteers jumped into the water with the adventurous juniors on the first Saturday of their long awaited vacation.

See what our day was like in the video below! In any case, a complete success for everyone, because not only the kids, but also our Scubaladies were absolutely thrilled.

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Thanks to all who made this day possible!