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Annick den Harder

Tschiggi Season 2022Tschiggi Season 2022

Tschiggi Season Opening TSK Zürich

Annick den Harder
Annick den Harder
PADI IDC Staff Instructor

Tschiggi Season Opening 2022

What a day to be diving! On 23.01.2022 our scuba diving ladies met up for the anual Tschiggi Season Opening with one big Sunday event.


Let me rewind our day:

On January 23, 2022, I had the honor to start our Tschiggi Season 2022 with 15 Scuba-Girls and luckily absolutely stunning weather conditions! This year we dedicated the day to the topic PADI Aware - Dive Against Debris®.

At 08:45am we met at the TSK to discuss the theory of this important topic together.

Many questions about trash in our local but also international waters were discussed. We talked about why it is important not only to collect debris, but also to analyze exactly what, when and in what quantities was found. How can we, as divers, do our part to fight this worldwide problem? What can the collected data be used for afterwards? How can one plan a Dive Against Debris® dive?

And no suprise, after all the talking, we of course put everything into action.

We carpooled as much as possible and went to Lake Lucerne to enjoy the beautiful weather. Our destination: dive site Unterwilen also known as Brougier Park (some of you may know this place as the annual scene of the Frog-Gang-Bang but that's another story :P )

So here we go: Short briefing - equip all buddy teams with debris bags suitable for underwater use - gear up - buddy check - and descend.

The visibility was great, the dive absolutely wonderful, and even a few pikes were sighted. And: we also kept our eyes open to collect anything that doesn't belong in the water.

Once we were all out of the water again, we collected our finds, weighed, recorded and correctly separated the found trash for later disposal at TSK. Because as you may imagine, collecting the data is just as important as collecting the trash itself. 

My conclusion: I love diving in Switzerland! :D And viewed from this new Dive Against Debris® perspective this divesite was super clean. Only 1.5kg of waste was taken out, most of it being glass and metal.

Now because diving is no fun without good food afterwards we went for lunch. So naturally we went and filled our bellies with Swiss fondue at the restaurant in Weggis :D Gotta love food :D

A huge THANK YOU to all our Ladies for being part of our Tschiggi-Diving Community! With you along my side I always like to prove that diving is no longer just a man's sport <3 All of you Scubagirls make me so incredibly proud.

xoxo Annick

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Dive Against Debris®:

You want to do a PADI Aware - Dive Against Debris® course too, or see what we collected on this day? Click here for our course overview or go to diveagainstdebris.org to find out more

Or are you planning to continue with your diving career soon anyway and are interessted in learning more about PADI Aware? Every TSK Advanced Open Water Diver course is a mission and has the Dive Against Debris® specialty course automatically integrated. Because we are convinced that every small step can lead to a bigger change for our blue planet.